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Expert Speech Therapist in Riyadh

Welcome to our premier speech therapy service in Riyadh, where we provide top-notch treatment for a wide range of communication disorders. Our experienced team of speech therapists is dedicated to helping children improve their language skills, overcome speech challenges, and enhance overall communication abilities.

Comprehensive Treatment for Communication Disorders

At TAC, we offer comprehensive assessment and therapy services to address various communication disorders. Whether your loved one is struggling with articulation, phonology, fluency, voice disorders, or swallowing difficulties, our speech therapists are here to help.

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    Language Development and Articulation

    We specialize in language development therapy, focusing on enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills. Our speech therapists utilize evidence-based techniques to encourage effective communication in children. Additionally, we provide targeted articulation therapy to improve speech clarity and pronunciation.

    Expertise in Treating Speech Disorders

    If your child is experiencing speech disorders such as aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, or stuttering, our dedicated therapists have the expertise to devise individualized treatment plans. We utilize a combination of therapeutic exercises, intervention techniques, and speech therapy sessions to help children gain speech fluency and confidence.

    Swallowing Disorders and Voice Rehabilitation

    Tayf Aziz Center offers specialized in swallowing disorders, ensuring kids can safely consume food and liquids. We also provide voice rehabilitation services, addressing voice disorders and helping children improve vocal quality, pitch, and projection.


    Kids require speech therapy if they experience difficulties in articulating sounds, forming words, expressing themselves, understanding language, or swallowing.

    Speech therapists can assist with a wide range of communication disorders, including articulation, language, fluency, disorders (such as stuttering), voice, aphasia, and swallowing disorders.

    Our speech therapists utilize various assessment techniques, including standardized tests, observation, interviews, and evaluations of speech and language skills, to determine the nature and severity of the communication disorder.

    The duration of speech therapy varies depending on the individual's needs and the severity of the disorder. Treatment plans are typically tailored to the individual's progress and recommended therapy session frequency.

    If you child is having trouble communicating effectively and experiencing delays in speech, stuttering, voice issues, or swallowing problems, it is advisable to consult a speech therapist for evaluation.

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    Harness the power of our proficient Speech Therapists to empower your child's communication abilities. Reach out to us today and pave the way for your child's enhanced communication and meaningful engagement.

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